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the wayne drury project UK


now ...

The current UK Project is a somewhat fluid collaboration of musicians devoted to Wayne’s music, performing his original material as well as related songs from the era and original contributions from members of the group. The core is currently made up of Mark Langmead on dobro, Davidi Nzoyisaba on bass with Alan McMahon and Rob Anderson on guitar and vocals. They are frequently joined by original member Geri Van Essen.


2014 gigs have included

The Goose is Out at The Ivy House, with Tom Paley (February), sets at Broadstairs Folk Week  (August), Back to the Folklaws at Camden Lock (September) and a charity concert at ATD Fourth World's annual celebration in October.


More to come...

Back To The Folklaws
10 September   2014.

Alan McMahon,

Davidi Nzoyisaba,
Mark Langmead,
Rob Anderson



with Geri Van Essen


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