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the wayne drury project USA


Wayne Drury is one of the great undiscovered talents of the alt country generation. Wayne lived and played around Eugene, Oregon from 1968-1972 as the front man for the band Jackdaw and played frequent shows at the Odyssey Cafe, the WOW Hall, and Max's Tavern. Wayne was a prolific songwriter throughout this period. He wrote many songs; some were played a few times and then lost. Others have carried on and been preserved. 


Wayne spent his early years in White Plains, New York and then headed west in 1968. The path he followed led to Eugene, Oregon where he became an active participant in the local music scene. The band, Jackdaw, was formed. The core members were Wayne, Rob Anderson, and Randall Crawford. Rob sang harmonies and played some lead acoustic guitar. Randall played electric bass, banjo, and sang harmony. Memorable shows followed at the Odyssey Coffee House and the Woodmen of the World (WOW) Hall. 


​The Wayne Drury Project USA is not a band - in the folk music tradition of keeping songs alive, a new generation of local musicians came together and formed The Project to revive Wayne's lost music and perform his songs and a series of concerts were organized in 2012. Click on the image to the right more detail. The only goal of The Project is to bring Wayne's music to the forefront once again. 


Wayne is currently living in Cottage Grove, Oregon. He is excited that his music is being noticed and brought back around for another generation to experience and enjoy. 




Cimmaron Rose
Words and music, Wayne Drury
Recorded at The Well Oiled Sound Machine, Eugene Oregon, 1972
Wayne on vocals and guitar with a bit of help from Rob on guitar


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New York Central Line

Words and music, Wayne Drury
Covered by Henry Geller



Words and music, Wayne Drury
Covered by Johanna Chase

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